Sherry was the second Daughter born to hardworking blue collar parents. Laughter and imagination became the most important tools in the ups and downs of her life.

In the early years, inspiration was found while watching variety shows. She was convinced she was a long lost member of the Osmond family and had an undeniable need to perform.

She first took to the stage at the age of seven, where she won a cheeseburger in the Little Miss Colorado Pageant. After that somewhat questionable building block towards personal growth, she moved on to piano lessons, ballet, tap and neighborhood theatre.

The first musical extravaganza she performed in was a moving rendition of “The Wizard of Oz”. Ms. Peterson played the roles of the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. The part of Dorothy, whom she desperately wanted, wasn’t meant to be.

Ms. Peterson and her Dachshund were a little disappointed but she learned that the show must go on!

As her storyline in life continued she discovered just how important the arts and communication are to making a difference in our world.

The rhythm of Dr. Seuss resonated with her. The” Wonderful World of Disney” encouraged her imagination and” I Love Lucy” taught her the healing power of laughter.

While raising her own two children, she attained an Arts Degree. She was a working Mother and always maintained a love for writing, creating and the arts.

“Adventures in Puddle Creek”, her first children’s book, was born out of her desire to capture the innocence of childhood and to inspire the performer in all of us.

Ms. Peterson still honors cheeseburgers as a valued and worthy trophy of sorts. “Dorothy” has been her mentor in life and Sherry has since gone on to purchase several pairs of those enviable red slippers.

Whether you click your ruby shoes one time, two times, three times or more, you’re always guaranteed there are more dreams in store.

This Denver Colorado native believes that if you plan your work and work your plan, you never know where you can land.

Sherry L. Peterson- Author